Friday, July 24, 2009

Only in Philly!!!

Okay, only in Philly can you get a parking ticket when you don't even live there. Yes...that's right. We got a letter a week ago saying that they were going to send us to collections if we didn't pay the 2 (that's right 2) tickets we received in January of this year...WHAT! As most of you know we have been in Las Vegas (with new plates mind you since September). We tried to explain this to them, but being the great customer service agents that Philly is known for, they didn't care. I told them that we don't have those plates and they were turned into the DMV here but we had to get a notarized letter stating our situation as well as copies of our current registration here...nuts! We have done so and are waiting to hear what happens. The craziest part is that is was on our plates that we had in Philly but the DMV in Vegas said that they don't send them back...they destroy them. My real question is how someone got our plate number and used it in Philly...foul play in the DMV...shocker...not really!
I know I haven't written FOREVER & have tons of updates and pictures that will probably never get posted. But I will try to be better (especially once we have our own home and I feel like my life is more normal...although this is becoming normal...yikes). We are all well and the boys are great and growing. We miss Philly, contrary to this vent about the parking authority, but are adjusting to Vegas. I'll try to get pictures fairly soon of the boys at least. This story was just so funny/crazy that I had to let my Philly fam/friends know.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zea's finally potty-trained!!!

Besides this just being an awesome picture of Zea (boots, goldfish, hat, 2 shirts and no pants); what you don't see is that he is wearing "big boy underwear". Of course he decided he could be potty-trained 5 days before we were supposed to leave for vacation for 2 weeks to California (without Brett by the way) but he did great, contrary to the picture where he had an accident. But in his defense, we were at the park and there were no bathrooms. He has truly learned to enjoy going outside. In fact, if we are at the park I have had to re-train him to tell me instead of me turning around and finding him squatting in the middle of a playground (jungle gym and all). He is so funny about it that I don't even know what to say. He is still a little nervous about going "#2", so, I must accompany him on those trips (which he holds out for about every 2-3 days). I know more info than you wanted. But I am proud of him and how great he is at it. It was a harder push than with Taft to start but once he figured it out he has been awesome. A major accomplishment in the Clayton household. ps. vacation pictures or coming.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Zea in a Nutshell

Here is Zea wearing the snow boots he has been wearing since it snowed here in December. He wears the EVERYWHERE except church (only because I won't let him). Doesn't matter the weather (as you can tell with the shorts and short sleeve shirt) or what we are doing (park, library, name it). The face is pretty classic now a days as well!

This is a leash we found in the garage the other day. It is a long rope with a clip on both ends that he hooks to everything in the house. It is rather cool, actually. My favorite is when he hooks things to it and goes "fishing" over the landing from the first floor to the second. He really is very creative and inventive. What a fun boy to have in our family. Certainly keeps things interesting. I sure love him!

Zea's artistic ability

After telling him 'No' numerous times to not play with our camera; he snatched it right when I walked out of the room and took as many pictures as he could. He really didn't have much time before I was back and he was in trouble but when I looked at what he shot I have to admit I was pretty impressed. Everything was pretty focused and centered and he knew what he was aiming at. These are his parents love birds.

This is "Lilly" the family dog, not mine...his parents! She is a great dog though, just smelly!

The fireplace.

The pantry. Nathan, but a nice shot of the room as well. My talented son at work. Who knows...maybe he has a future with National Geographics...that would actually fit his personality quite well.

New tooth/Old tooth

We finally got a pictures of Nathan's first tooth. He got is just under a month ago but we finally got a picture of it.

Taft on the other hand just lost his first tooth, tonight. We tried before but it wasn't ready. He was freaked to try again but it was just hanging there, so, after bribing him with money, stickers for his sticker chart and then the hour on the Wii tomorrow (why I didn't think of that first I don't know) he consented to let us try. One quick pull and that baby was out. He was so excited and even more excited because it didn't hurt "at all"! Pretty exciting night in the Clayton we just need them to calm down so they can go to sleep.

Here is the cutie with the new hole in his mouth. He is so excited!!!! We also have this really cute tiny treasure chest from some their action figures (thanks again Aunt Julie) that we are using to store his tooth for the tooth fairy...pretty cool to use a pirate treasure chest if you ask me. Now the big much do tooth fairies pay nowadays...? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Guy's Ski Trip

Brett, his Dad, and two of his brothers (Shane & Justin) along with Shane's 2 oldest girls (who can already ski) were gone for 3 days after Christmas for a ski trip up to Brianhead, Utah. They had a GREAT time together and are really looking forward to going again some time this year (except Justin who lives in Texas...sorry Justin). We missed Dad but I was really excited for him to have this time with the guys.
This is Brett with his twin, Justin...isn't it obvious. ;0)

Brett, Justin, and Shane (who looks more like his brothers twin).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boys update

Taft is loosing his first tooth...crazy! We tried to take it out during dinner because he was complaining about not being able to eat but it was to traumatic so we quite and will either try again later or just let it come out on his own...I just hope he doesn't choke on it during the night or swallow it.
Our awesome Aunt Julie and Uncle Mike sent the boys a Batman and Siperman outfit for their Build-a-Bears (that they also got for them). The boys LOVED them, except for the mask on Zea's. He liked it at first but then decided it was too much for him and preferred his bear without it. I think it was a bit scary for him. Taft on the other hand has renamed his bear from "Webber" to "Batbear" (at least while in costume, which has yet to be removed).

Taft in a nutshell right now. He LOVES video games on the computer. It makes me nervous how quickly he picks up on how to work the internet and how to play these games. He is one smart kid. That and I am one slow Mom when it comes to the computer/internet which many of you could attest for.
Now this is sad. Zea feel asleep in the car. We were trying to get him to wake up so he would still take a nap, so, we had him walk in the house. Only to come around the corner and find him asleep on the stairs like this. It didn't last long but was pretty funny/sad regardless. I am just glad the camera was downstairs so I could catch a picture of it.

Playdough time with Dad. Let's be honest...they are both really into it...I love that I married a man as young at heart as I am (in the good ways that is). Zea was showing me the two playdough circles that he made if you didn't pick up on that in the picture.